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Bimbo TG
"Ugh, mid-terms are finally over, time for spring break." I said putting my key into my lock on my door. Maylene ran up and hugged me. "Hey, you seem happy." I said. "Just can't wait for our trip. Where are we going again?" "Jacksonville Beach, Florida, I figured it won't be as crowded as some place like Miami or LA." Don't worry, I understand, so we still going to the mall later to get new clothes and suits." Yep, both my shorts and my suit don't fit me anymore," I said as we walked into my apartment.
"Hey, I wanna give you something," she said. "Umm, ok, what is it." I wanna give you a temporary tattoo." "Ugh, you know I hate those. They look stupid." "Aw, come on, please," she said with a pouting face. "Ugh, fine, you know I can't resist a face that cute." I said, kissing her on the cheek. She smiled and grabbed my arm. She grabbed her purse and pulled out a tattoo. She put me down on the chair and said, "Now close your eyes, I want this to be surprise." "Fine, there closed." I felt the stiff paper go on my skin and a wet towel go over it. A few minutes later she pulled off the paper and said to me, "Ok, open your eyes." I looked over at my arm and saw the tattoo. It was a winged heart. "What the heck is this" she leaned to my head and whispered in my ear, "I'd run to the bathroom just about now." I took me a few seconds to realize what was going on, and I noticed I was shrinking in height. "Oh, you suck." I yelled, running to the bathroom.
I shut and locked the door. I noticed that my height had already gone down to its normal when I turn into Lexi. I felt my legs thin out, and become curvy. "Ugh," I grunted, as my pants fell off. My skin softened and the hair on my body disappeared. My hips started to widen and my butt expanded to fit it, but something was different. "Huh, this is a lot bigger that Lexi's." I said, feeling my new rear. My groin started to pull into my body, as "it" formed. My legs were curvier and nicer than my girl's side, too. Then my waist shrank inward, a bit more that my girl's side. "This is different, too. What's going on here." I said as I looked at my body. My arms began to thin and become slender. My hands became smaller and delicate. My back started to arch. My chest began to tingle, and then began to swell, turning into breasts. They grew out to a c-cup, but kept growing until it reached a large d-cup. "Huh," I said in a girl's voice, "this isn't my girl voice either." My face began to round out, nose shrank, lips plumped, but it was still different. My hair began to grow out, till it reached my upper back. Then, it became blond, and my skin became darker, tanner. "Ok, this is not normal, for my normal TG I mean."
I walked out of the bathroom, pulling up my fallen pants. Maylene threw me a bag of clothes. I took a look inside and saw that the bra was big enough to fit my new bigger breasts. "You knew about the… extra growth." "Yeah, but it's not done yet. Now get changed, you dumb bimbo." "Who you calling a bimbo." I joked with her, but she just smiled as I walked into my room. I started to get a bad headache; feeling like my mind was going. I put on the underwear. As I grabbed the pink tank top, I looked at it and said, "Oo, this is cute." I though over what I just said as I pulled it over my head. I grabbed a pair of black short shorts out of the bag, "Oh and these are, like, so fabulous." I thought 'why am I saying this. I've never said things like this. Then I blacked out.
(Ok, by this time I have no memory of anything that happened until the next day. So until then, Maylene is gonna tell the story)
I was leaning on Lucian's counter, eating one of his granola bars. "Hurry up Lexi, we're gonna be late." She walked out in a girlish walk. She gave me a big hug, for some reason. "What's up with you, you seem, different." "I feel different, now let's go, I heard there's a sale at Abercrombie and Fitch." She said, grabbing my hand. I laughed a bit. The bimbo tattoo worked perfectly. Not only did it alter his body, it made his usually brilliant mind as dumb as a post. Even though she was aware that she was actually a guy who turned into a girl, the tattoo enlarged there feminine side to the point that they think that they have been like that forever. We got to her car and she threw me the keys. "Here, I don't wanna drive," she said. I got in and started the car. As I pulled out, she turned on the radio to some pop station. Lady Gaga was playing and I noticed that she was dancing a little in her seat. "I thought you hated pop music." "No I don't, it's so, like, awesome." Well, she may like it now, but I hated it. I tried to ignore it while I drove. We pulled into the mall and we went in. she dragged me to Abercrombie and Fitch. She started looking through the clothes and found 3 bikinis and 2 short skirts. She dragged me into the dressing rooms and started to model the suits and skirts. She looked good, but I really didn't care. I hated these clothes. She brought them all out and put them on the cashier counter. I was waiting for her outside, trying to catch my breath due to the harsh stench of some perfume or something. She walked out with a bag of all the stuff she tried on. "How much did that all cost?" "I don't know, about 85 or so." "85, wow, that's really expensive." "Yeah, but it's totally worth it. Trust me." I started to worry, is she gonna be like this the whole trip. She dragged me to about 5 other stores that I didn't like. She bought almost 5 things at each store. She was spending almost 200 bucks. If I leave her like this, when Lexi changes back into Lucian, he's gonna be pissed.
We got to the food court. I didn't have much money for anything other than a swimsuit and maybe a pair of shorts so I just went to McDonald's and ordered from the dollar menu. I sat down by a close exit, and Lexi walked up with a salad and Fiji water. "I thought you hated salad, and I thought you said that bottled water is a complete rip off." "Well, like, salad is good for you and stuff, and bottled water is purified so it's also better for you.  also need to, like, watch my figure." I couldn't believe it, she already had a great body and she wanted to watch her figure. Plus, Lucian once wrote a 3 page paper on how bottled water is worse for you than tap. We got up with our stuff, threw it away and I told her, "I'm going to go off by myself for a while, ok" "ok, no problem, oo Victoria Secret." 'Crap, I've got to hurry or else she's gonna wanna model bras and panties for me' I thought. We went off in different directions. 'I'm gonna have to get more money from an ATM later, but now I'm gonna have to find a way to reverse this.' I thought, walking toward a door in between two stores.
"Hey May, how's the bimbo tattoo working for ya." The girl behind the counter said to me. "Oh, hey Terra, not good, Lexi is spending way too much money, and her personality is driving me into insanity. In other words, Lucian + Bimbo TG = not fun for me." "Yeah, I get that a lot with angry girlfriends. They think by changing them into the girls that they gawk at they would learn a lesson, but I just drives them insane." I first met her when I was on the way to pick up a new controller for Lucian's Wii. She bought me into her store and I looked around at all the different stuff for TG. She gave me a "Free TG Towel" coupon as a gift. You already know how that turned out. "Here," she said holding a necklace. "And what's this supposed to do?" I asked, examining it. "It will give Lexi back her mind, she will still look like a bimbo, but her mind will be back to normal" "Cool, that's really all I wanted." I said, excited about this. "You know what, keep it. You looked like you need the money and, well; it isn't a permanent change, like the others did." "Thanks Terra, you're the best," I said, going behind the counter and giving her a hug. I walked out of the store and saw Lexi up ahead. She had her back to me and looked like she was about to grab her phone, probably to call me. I ran up and tapped her on the shoulder. "Oh, hey, where did you, like, run off to?" I then noticed she was holding 3 to 4 more bags. "Oh, nowhere unparticular."
I got to the car and drove home. It was about 8 at night. "Ugh, I'm tired, I'm probably gonna turn in, like, early tonight." She said twirling her hair. "Aren't you gonna watch the new Fullmetal Alchemist with me tonight?" "Eww, I hate anime, it's so weird." 'I gotta get home quicker and get her to wear this to bed,' I thought, shocked to hear her say that. We got home and I grabbed the necklace. "Hey, I got you a new necklace. It's supposed to be worn when you sleep to, umm, prevent nightmares." I said, trying to think of a lie in case she didn't believe me. "Oh, cool, thanks." She said, hugging me. "I'm gonna stay here for the night, is that ok?" "Mhm, that's totally cool with me." I grabbed a throw blanket and laid on her couch, hoping that this would work.
(Ok, by this time, I have full memory of what happened, so I'm going to be telling the remainder of the story.)
"Ugh, what happened yesterday, I can't remember a thing." I said, getting out of bed. I walked out and saw Maylene sleeping on the couch. "Hey, when did you get here." I said rubbing my eye. "Huh, oh, Lexi, you're up. Wait, you're up. Quick, answer this equation, 2x+3=13, solve for x." I had done this to her in the past, I called it the bimbo test. "x=5, why are you giving me the bimbo test, I may look like one right now, but it's still me." "You're back to normal, I missed you." She said, running up to me and hugging me. "Umm, I wouldn't call this normal," I said, gesturing to my body. "Well, you're normal up here at least," she said, tapping my forehead. "I'm going to go get dressed now." "Ok," she said. I got dressed, and I walked out, playing with my bra, again, making adjustments due to my giant breasts. "What happened yesterday, I can't remember anything?" "I'll tell you everything on the plane, but before that we got to go to the mall and return some stuff." "What kind of stuff," I asked. "You'll see."
A few hours later, we were playing volleyball on the beach, just bumping the ball back and forth to each other. We stop and go over to our spot, marked by two towels and an umbrella. "Man, did you have to make these things so big, they make it harder to play, and too many guys are staring at me." "Hmm, I wonder why, maybe it's your double D's, or your absolutely great ass, or the fact you have both of those and your wearing a bikini, or maybe…," "Ok, I get it, I'm hot, I know, I have looked at myself in the mirror." "Ha-ha, yeah but I do have an idea to get guys to not hit on you." "And, what's that that," I asked curiously. "Let's make out."
My second tg story. Same characters as before, and more. please comment and tell me how i did.

Lucian is finally done with midterms and is going on vacation with Maylene. but does Maylene have something else she wants to do??
nonimportante Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
why is it always male>female transformation?
doomed-swordmaster Featured By Owner May 12, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
cool i'll need to read the other one now good one
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